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a grand villa

having spent a significant amount of time in florence, italy, this yatzer article on the grand hotel villa cora brought me back.  all of the details grand and minuscule have been revived, yet not necessarily with the intent to recreate what had once been.  there is a sort of modern "polish" that has been applied that simplifies the forms, stream-lines the profiles and adds a couple extra flecks of pigment, rendering truly stunning spaces.      


eye on: azadeh shladovsky

it can't be easy to shape metal into graceful curves or fashion individual pieces of wood snugly together and then wrap them with a perfectly polished band of nickel or chrome.  azadeh shladovsky can do it and the final product looks like it was just meant to be.  the ideas behind her work are simple and refined with the use of natural materials to form clean, uncomplicated shapes that result in a distilled elegance.  each piece is a little jewel for the home.  azadeh's tumblr is evidence of her astute attention to colors, textures and the tiny details that are so easily over-looked.

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friday finds

this happy bunny sums up the feeling i had yesterday as i wandered the local antique mall.  i rarely buy but i love the search, imaging the former lives these items had, where they came from and who owned them.  most of all, i love to imagine how they could make my house interesting.  i like to hide little figures in with my books as a fun little surprise, and a big sculptural object can always stand at the center of attention on a table or guarding your front door.

images: wit + delight; éclat


dining...in style

in certain instances i love to see sofas paired with full height dining tables.  i prefer it done in small spaces/homes when there's no formal eating area so you're "forced" to create a comfortable little place to eat and lounge.  there is absolutely no reason this can't be glamourous.  pairing a small vintage french sofa with some other period pieces can really do the trick.

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