we have to ask...why?

why does furniture cost so much money? after skimming the "top 10" list in ell decor i'm always a little put off - by the lists they come up with and occasionally by the two proud designers who are credited with finding the best-ofs.  on plenty of occasions i've looked at that list and thought i just saw a chair like that at ikea last weekend and it only cost $39.99…why does this one coast $7,011?  and why are these two grinning at me like that?  are you seriously suggesting that these are the best choices…that one table you picked looks like my grandpa's work bench!  But, on the other hand i get it.  not all the time, but i do get it.  there are designers, styles, and pieces that have truly become iconic for a variety of reasons, and it's not to say that their popularity hasn't been influenced by trends or even celebrity.  i'm interested in some of the more tangible reasons as to why, when you read the captions in an editorial, a piece is usually called out with a designers name attached - "an edward wormley table is paired with a palshus lamp".  There are interesting reasons as to why certain designers and specific pieces end up in the interior design hall of fame.  i'm not really looking to give history lessons, but (and this is primarily for myself because i have no real idea if anyone out there even looks at this thing/blog) i'd like to keep learning and on some level i feel like i need to remind myself that design is important.  in my opinion, spaces become a whole lot more interesting when a little knowledge and history are layered in.  so, i want to (occasionally) use this blog to shed a little light on this topic.  if anything, i'll learn something.

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