old is new, and better

when poring over the countless design magazines out there, it's hard to ignore the significant role that vintage pieces play in modern day interiors.  some of the most interesting spaces are composed of a mix of old and new, or mostly old and some new.

i was first introduced to the world of vintage furniture as an intern working in nyc. i was constantly asked to source items from little antique shops all over the country, and for outstanding prices i might add. while some (most) of it was over-the-top, there is something to be said for "investing" in a piece that holds some greater significance in the world of design.

have a look on ebay (above), you might be surprised at what you can dig up.  try a really skeletal or structured piece to add a little contrast to upholstered furniture.
buy the frame and make your own cushions

the glass shelving above might cost an arm and a leg but try this piece also from ebay.  you might even put it on its side and...coffee table

images: one [curated]; two; three; four; five [own entity]; six

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