weaving spiders come not here...

according to the author albert parry, at least two elements are essential to bohemianism, the first being an obsession with one or more of the seven arts, the other being poverty...i definitely adhere to the latter.  he describes "his bohemian" as a free-thinker, unconventional in their views on art, literature, and the ability to make beautiful with what is available.  i love how these ideas show themselves in design - eclectic, whimsical, free and unassumingly elegant.

images: cintia dicker via studded hearts; west village apartment via homedesignparadise; loft life_1; loft life_2; painting from pierre bergé; dress; sofa
book via amazon: garretts & pretenders: a hostory of bohemianism in armerica 
book via amazon: gypset style 
book via amazon: bohemian style

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