wood or metal?

a recent article in elle decoration magazine featured the collections of patrick seguin, a parisian gallerist specializing in 20th century modern furnishings - items done by the grandmammies and daddies of the modernest movement such as charlotte perriand, jean prouvé, pierre jeanneret, le corbusier, jean royére, georges jouve, and serge mouille. seguin's own apartment is filled with treasures from this collection of designers with "the only concession to frivolity" being a ruby red sofa by royére and a jeff koons mirror. what is it about this furniture that we love so much? is it the expression of materiality and mechanics rather than superfluous decoration? of course it is open for interpretation. i really just love the architecture of it, each piece is a treasure to be examined and appreciated over and over again.
i love that mirror.

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