the perfect wall lamp

this prouvé potence wall lamp shares the room with the red sofa in seguin's apartment. if i could have only have one light, i think this might be it.

wood or metal?

a recent article in elle decoration magazine featured the collections of patrick seguin, a parisian gallerist specializing in 20th century modern furnishings - items done by the grandmammies and daddies of the modernest movement such as charlotte perriand, jean prouvé, pierre jeanneret, le corbusier, jean royére, georges jouve, and serge mouille. seguin's own apartment is filled with treasures from this collection of designers with "the only concession to frivolity" being a ruby red sofa by royére and a jeff koons mirror. what is it about this furniture that we love so much? is it the expression of materiality and mechanics rather than superfluous decoration? of course it is open for interpretation. i really just love the architecture of it, each piece is a treasure to be examined and appreciated over and over again.
i love that mirror.


enjoy the view

my boyfriend (now fiancé:) spent some time in the swiss alps a while ago. i was perusing some of his photos (half in awe of the beautiful scenery and half peeping for funny younger photos of the boy) and i found this pic of the camp site's loo. i don't think you need to bring reading material to this one, the view is spectacular! the pink painted structure makes me wonder if it's the ladies room.

a breath of fresh air

this is something that i have been curious about in the past but have never quite gotten around to exploring. NASA has come up with some interesting data on house plants and the air purifier review site has compiled the top 15 house plants that provide the greatest level of air purification. a 6 inch plant for every 100 square feet is recommended.


simple beauty

love it.
seen on garance dore

obsessions in the bag

these bags by carga are beautiful, i can't decide if i like the felt or the leather better. the construction and detailing is wonderful, i can see one of these with pretty much any outfit i own.



i have admired the work of sanaa for some time; their rolex learning center opens next week in switzerland. the concept for the building relates closely to the outline for the 2010 venice bienalle, directed by kazuyo sejima where the title of the theme is people meet in architecture. the building concentrates on the movement of people and strives to cultivate fluid moments for interaction rather than singular stopping points or cross-roads.
sejima seems to also have an appreciation for fashion (it's a dior daaarling):


little ladies

while surfing around a while ago i came across these little dolls at spina design. the lower image is a collection of more traditional dolls made of a variety of different woods. i really love their simplicity.


if you're cold

i found this the other day and i must say...i'm intrigued



i have this continually growing collection of images/things that inspire; some are classics and some are old ideas with a new twist. juxtaposing differing styles, textures, patterns... for me creates a truly interesting space. e.g. the idea of the diamond in the rough - giving an industrial space a little sparkle with a vintage crystal chandelier or accent piece. taking old plantation blinds and giving them a new coat of high gloss lacquer. i particularly like the use of chain link, finished to perfection and installed inside the home.


i'm in love

as a recent grad in search of an outlet by which to design while accruing $$, an article in the NY Times caught my attention. it featured this LA designer and her wonderful creations - Les Petites Bêtes Sauvages.
i love them


sentiment du jour

the best is yet to come...


i want this rack bag by po campo


modern pavilions of art

on a recent trip to the kimball art museum to view the private collections of texas exhibition, i peaked in at the modern art museum of fort worth done by architect tadao ando. the galleries and the cafe appear to float on the surface of a large reflecting pond to the rear of the building. the entry hall is also an interesting space bathed in natural light reflecting off of the surface of the water and pouring in through forty foot transparent walls of glass. a series of drawings and sketches hangs on the wall displaying colorful details of building connections and concepts from initial design phases. ando's building certainly holds it's own next to those done by louis kahn and phillip johnson.
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