grey days

in stark contrast to the musings of the previous post, today is one of those days.  who doesn't love grey though? add a little pop of fresh, bright green and you're back on the sunny side.

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palm wonderful

it's around this time of year that i start to dream of a beach get-away where i can lounge in a hammock strung from two royal palms and sip a piña colada. if only.  perhaps the banana leaves by rose cumming will do the trick for now.

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not your grandma's afghan

my mom is a knitter, which is great because she's always looking for a project and I've got plenty of ideas.  here are a few to feast your eyes upon.

no longer a kaleidoscope of dizzying geometric patterns, knits can be modern, simple and another great way to add texture to your space.

images: martha stewart; westelm; cococozy; pinterest


pastel punch

after watching a bit of the golden globes last night, i was inspired by all of the dusty pinks, powdery blues, and ivories.  really loving what dvf has going on for spring...

images: dvf; hb; bm paint


what to do with those books

i absolutely love a space layered with books. not only do you end up with a treasure trove of knowledge at your fingertips, the space acquires dimension and texture. try layering your sofa or your bed up against a backdrop of books, then tack on some big bold framed images for even more interest.

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to shed or not to shed

fur accents and accessories have been really popular as we all know.  i'm just not sure i'll be ready to say goodbye to it for the spring, it adds such luxurious texture.  here are some reminders that it doesn't necessarily have to hibernate during warmer weather.


warm and cozy

today is one of those days when i'd love to kick my feet up on a big old ottoman and read a book...or snooze.  nothing captures that sentiment better than desire to inspire's pets on furniture series.

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layer it on

rethinking cushions. i love the effect of layering pillows, somehow it's more luxurious and inviting.  try stacking floor cushions to get a similar look in your home, or maybe this could be a way to revamp that old sofa?


easy does it

i can't resist this home of inès de la fressange that was featured on elle decor.  so simple and so beautiful, you couldn't help but breathe easy there.


fresh start

it's feeling more like spring than winter and i find myself gravitating to bright whites, navy, charcoal, and this chartreuse/citron that is way out of my normal color vocabulary.  anyway, it's inspired me to rethink the items that make up my bathroom.  west elm has some great little towels that might end up as curtains one of these days...


starting off on the right foot...or at least with fun shoes

i always feel a little down when the excitement of the holidays subsides and we all have to go back to normal life.  that's why i treated myself to a little bling for the feet...hello 2012
happy new year everyone!

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