a royal mcqueen

i love where we've ended up today.  simple, understated, and outstandingly elegant.


to dye

just to follow up on a distant post of mine...

garance doré has found a similar (dyed) thread


divine mount athos

in reference to the easter holy week, 60 minutes aired a fascinating short documentary on the monasteries of mount athos in greece.  the architecture of the place is unbelievable in every sense, including the fact that the monasteries have been there for over 1000 years.  

the journey to get there is treacherous but the waiting list to visit or join is long.  it's the only place on earth that keeps byzantine time where the day begins at sunset and is filled with devout concentration, prayer, and basic chores of sustaining a secluded life.  the monks that live there have come from the four corners of the earth to live in solitude and constant prayer.  

to the everyday outsider it may seem like a melancholy existence, but their total isolation from the chaos of the outside world and dedicated concentration on a spiritual existence renders the place and the monks that live there as anything but melancholy.  plus the views are astounding.

images: 1  2  3  4  5


expand your horizons

large blank walls can be a little intimidating.  this is where an oversized vintage mirror can be a great help - this one item can extend space, reflect light and tie a room together.  

cookin' kitchens

favorite color combinations: smokey blacks, warm greys, cream colors and browns.  these are a few kitchens that i lust after.  i need to cook in a space that makes me hungry, so the über sleek, modern look is not really for me.  how about you?
images: elle decor; traditional home


more than ever j crew

i'm a huge fan of j crew.  now, more than ever...


cherry blossoms + jump rope =

fun spring weekend!

image: jump rope via the conran shop

golden glow

i have definitely been gravitating to the warm sparkle of brass and bronze...this is not normal for me.  i certainly could not have it all over the place, but i love little accents here and there.

images: kartel, aero studio  

images: 1st dibs, aero studio, 1st dibs

images: pierre frey, holly hunt


dreaming of...casa tua

on a recent trip to miami i was introduced to an absolutely astoundingly beautiful little restaurant/club/hotel called casa tua.  it's tucked away just far enough from the action to be peaceful and romantic but still maintain some of that south beach-by-night excitement.  it's a little bit hamptons, a little bit st tropez, a little st barts and a lot of glamour.
ps. the food is outstanding as well
outdoor dining

upstairs club

dining room


images via casa tua & éclat

apartment envy

this apartment done by haus interior and featured in trad home | lonny mag has me a tad bit jealous.  i'm actually really into the grayscale faux bois paper in the bedroom.
so many great little moments in this issue, all featuring different perspectives on traditional interiors.  



glamorous grey day

i pray that i look like this in my next life
image: catherine mcneil via maison marigold

diy table

those tables from yesterday's post reminded me of this little creation by debi van zyl:
poured concrete slab top, hairpin legs from ebay!
i love the texture that the wood grain leaves on the concrete and the simplicity of the hairpin legs.


eye on: frank roop design + interiors

mid-century modern furniture appeals to me for a number of reasons: form, function, clean lines, the expression of the individual parts that make up the whole piece.  it's furniture that can stand on its own or live harmoniously with an array of other styles.  boston based designer frank roop always finds the perfect way of sneaking in an iconic piece.  his work is fresh but subtle and always interesting.

sergio rodrigues vronka armchair

image: frank roop interiors

image: frank roop interiors

stefan borselius & fredrik mattson tables

image: frank roop interiors

art deco candle holders via ebay

flavor paper

for those of you who can get down with a whole lot of hue, might i suggest checking out brooklyn's very own flavor paper...
with collaborators such as lenny kravitz, it's bound to be colorful

images: flavor paper

image: skylab architecture


ink stains

there's a recurring theme i see and i think i like it.  i feel a diy coming on...
images: pillows via here & here
dresses: top, center, lower


the perfect cup

no sunday morning would be complete without (at least) one...
how to make the perfect cup
images: chemex, sorrentina coffee


saturday style

i don't know about you, but i'm definitely going to try to soak up some of the sun that's shining today...finally.  my rooftop is still a blank slate so I'm gathering ideas.  what do you think?

images: top B&B italia
middle: west elm, south of market
bottom: the foundary, west elm


chin-up it's friday

at my favorite little lounge in brooklyn i've found a delicious cocktail they call the chin-up.  it's made with a curious liqueur called cynar, made from artichokes of all things!!
happy friday
 chin up
1/2" cucumber wheel
2 oz. gin
1/2 oz. cynar
1/2 oz. dry vermouth
1/2 pinch of salt
muddle the cuke in a glass, add the rest, cover with ice, stir, strain, pour.  serve with a paper-thin slice of cucumber.
via: mr. boston platinim edition 

timeless pieces + modern forms

this is one that i've had in the archives for a while - from the late great domino magazine.  josef frank linen, a saarinen table; classic forms and vintage finds.  i think curtains can be a fun way to introduce a little color, pattern or texture.  and they're pretty easy to change out if you're so inclined.
check out scandinavian style for more inspiration.

image via domino magazine
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