i've hopped a last-minute flight down to my favorite hide-away for a brief respite from the big city.  I will be posting more just as soon as i catch one of these elusive signals floating around in the sea breeze.  for now i ride and sun.

check out cycle chic who inspires me to ride regardless of the shoes i wear


manic monday: prada 2011

click and enjoy:

i can't get enough of it
music via amazon: mirando


sunday tea

Hermés has opened a new shop in shanghai called shang xia.  the interior was created by famed architect kengo kuma and the brand is run by shanghai designer jiang qiong'er.  the walls and ceiling of the shop are draped with a shape-retaining, hexagonally cut cloth that gives an airy, cloud-like feel.  the rest of the store is minimal but rich, displaying delicate porcelain teaware, capes made of cashmere felt, and fine jewelry.  what's not to love?...as usual.

images: shang xia, kengo kuma
book via amazon: kengo kuma 


weekend getaway

I'm totally inspired (and a little jealous) of kristiana spaulding at silver trailer. reinventing the interior of an old airstream has been on my wish/to-do list for a long, long time. she has a collection of them and they're for rent...
happy friday

images: via
book via amazon: the history of the land yacht


yesterday a friend of mine showed me her amazing collection of old pakistani caps or taqiyah. after years of international travel and countless homes in various countries, she has settled in nyc. the new apartment is filled with beautiful asian pottery, elaborate tapestries, piles of oriental carpets, and rich colors. now we're looking for a good way to display the taqiyah. i thought i'd gather some inspiration on displaying collections:

images: 1 skona hem; 2 apartment therapy; 3 lonnymag; 4 apartment therapy; 5 (via éclat); 6 automatism
book via amazon: the art of display

see what's for sale on etsy from the above photos:  the observery


french connection + céline =

i'm really into what french connection has going on for summer. it just looks so natural and comfortable. top that off with a céline bag that i covet on a daily basis...


room for dreams

it's rainy and grey here. ny has slipped back into winter while we were all recovering from the intense dose of sunshine and warmth from last weekend. i'm looking forward to crawling back under my comforter tonight.
here are some items from the room i dream to dream in:

kinetic esthetic

we went on a little outing to frank lloyd's guggenheim museum last week. as a student of architecture, i'm embarrassed to say that it was my first visit in real life. amazing. as always, i managed to find something that i wanted at the museum shop. i am such a sucker for the museum shop. a little kinetic sculpture might liven up my space:

speaking of kinetic sculpture, theo jansen's strandbeest is a beautiful must-see:


ruggedly sophisticated

i first learned of el garzon while watching an episode of anthony bourdain as he covered the mouth-watering food creations of chef francis mallmann in uruguay.
the restaurant and hotel has this remote sort of elegant campy feel that's just beautiful.
here are some of my own finds...

found items: chairs via 1stdibs, table, metal bins, candles, lanterns, grill

in the name of jil sander

i will consent to color
i'm ready to ditch the puffer for lighter layers.


finding inspiration: Charlotte Moss

southern belle turned wall street exec. turned interior design icon, charlotte moss has established a loyal following in the world of interior design. while traditional french directoire pieces and chinoiserie may or may not be your thing, the work of ms. moss provides a wealth of inspiration and insight into the techniques of layering patterns, fabrics, timeless furniture pieces and warm hospitality. her latest book Charlotte Moss Decorates - The Art of Creating Elegant and Inspired Rooms is out tomorrow.
books are a huge inspiration to me both for content and for their presence in a space. i can't imagine a world without them. what books inspire you?


stripes all around

right now my apartment is very fall - colored which is cozy but starting to feel a little stuffy. the same goes for my wardrobe which tends to be very neutral themed (i'm ok with this) but could stand to be freshened up. i'm into stripes right now - for myself and for my space.

as i mentioned before i've recently worked at a boutique interiors firm in nyc that specialized in catering to the ultra high-end. an interesting material that i came across is "kinon". it's a hand-cast resin material that bonds to its mdf base layer and comes in a variety of patterns and colors - two are displayed above.


casual elegance

once in a while i come across an image of some thing or some place that i can not get out of my mind. this home was featured in the january issue of elle decoration uk. the space is so comfortable and casual looking but it also has an elegance to it that i really love. the chairs are amazing, covered in an eggplant velvet.


getting green

i love the green of spring, the way it contrasts with the shades of grey left behind from winter. here in nyc we're just starting to see some little baby sprigs fighting their way up through layers of dirt and sand left behind from way too many snowy days. this got me thinking about gardens and some work done by one of my favorite shops in austin, tx.


new beginnings

i've been on hiatus, working for a stint at a boutique interiors firm in manhattan. while i learned a lot, not only about design but about people, i am happy to turn the page. im in the middle of planning my wedding and thinking about what sort of "tools" for living we might one day have. my interests are always changing and my attention span short, but i am consistently drawn to smokey blacks, creamy whites, the sparkle of glass and the occasional colorful surprise.
things i covet:
black basalt wedgworth
vintage bar ware

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