space and time

creaky steps, broken windows, musty, drafty passage ways, crumbling paster and then you see a dusty old curtain or a rusted out tea kettle and suddenly images of the family that once shared these spaces appear in your mind. these photos by christoph morlinghaus (via bldgblog) reminded me of a time that my friend and i snuck a peak in an old abandoned mansion out in west hampton. i remember even the beds were left behind, sheets and all as if summer ended and for whatever reason, they never returned. there is so much more in these photos than old dilapidated interior space. i also can't help but think of the work of gordon matta-clark.


these boots are made for walkin

i am not a fashion blogger but every once in a while i come across something so finely crafted or put together, something has to be said. my fiancé just returned from a weekend in the hill country outside of austin, texas where he couldn't help but notice the boots worn by his camping compadres. crafted by hand, these are some fiiiine lookin boots by HELM
i particularly love the way the gentleman in the first picture has folded the boot into a cuff under his jeans.


evocative lighting

i love the way the lighting sweeps in from the perimeter of this restaurant done by gundry & ducker in london. and those chairs in the bar area, you just can not go wrong with a thonet bentwood. it may be a stretch, but those lamps the way they are hanging above each table evoke visions of traditional chinese or thai lanterns hanging along narrow streets or open markets.
and yes, it sure has been a while since i have blogged.
topic via dezeen
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